The many moments of Bridgeport's Seaside Park, as captured by one photo every day for an entire year.

Though I visit Seaside Park all the time (it's my other backyard), I find it hard not to snap photos each visit. 

From the varied shoreline and changing tides, to the constantly evolving sun washed hues and even more colorful personalities, this magical place is captivating in a way that reflects the vision of Bridgeport's original circus pioneer and early conservationist, P.T. Barnum.

You need only to drive through the massive stone archway, or to walk from the south end entrance along the 2.5 miles of shoreline to the lighthouse, to see what I mean. Whether you're looking through a camera lens, or some sunglasses, the view is unmistakable.

Hope you enjoy and will come see for yourself!

XO Marcella

Note: All photos taken with an iPhone and retouched using vscocam.

Featured in CTPost, read the article here. Video by Mojalvo, here.